2017 CCSEAS Conference Welcome Reception

All conference participants and round table delegates are warmly invited to attend the 2017 CCSEAS Conference Welcome Reception on 26 October 2017 at 4 to 5 PM in Room 519 Kaneff Tower, following the “Canada-ASEAN at 50” round table discussion.

2017 CCSEAS Panel Posters (updated)

Read the conference program (PDF). 26 October | 27 October | 27-28 October | Documentary Screenings 26 October Special Panel: “ASEAN and Canada at 50: Common Fears and Common Hopes” Keynote Address: Ricardo D. Trimillos 27 October Special Panels in Honour of Judith Nagata and Penny van Esterik Keynote Address: Goh Beng Lan Dinner with… Continue reading 2017 CCSEAS Panel Posters (updated)