CCSEAS 2023 | Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Canadian Council on Southeast Asian Studies (CCSEAS) 2023 Conference
12-13-14 October 2023 
Université Laval, Québec, Canada

Southeast Asia is a fertile area in which to examine the question of how societies express their resilience, this particularly in this post-pandemic context combining with worldwide economic restructuration. The notion of resilience itself invites critical inquiries from many disciplinary perspectives. How is resilience activated in Southeast Asian societies and cultures? How do historical legacies such as colonialism, communist revolutions, nationalist wars, and authoritarian regimes affect resilience, in the past as much as in the contemporary world? How do social forces such as ethnic groups and religious communities resist the exertion of power or reinforce agency in a resilient way? How does the will to survive and thrive compel people to act? What are the channels or practices by which various forms of resilience are manifest? How is resilience understood, conceptualized, and represented in different fields of social inquiry, including the social sciences, humanities, and performing arts? Whether one is interested in transnational flows, religious movements, symbols, discourse, or gender relations, resilience is an important element that supports and inspires social life in Southeast Asia and beyond.

The 2023 conference of the Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies, to be held in Québec City, invites papers and panels on the theme of resilience in all its manifestations. We especially encourage proposals that address the question from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. But as always, the conference’s scientific committee is also happy to receive proposals for panels on a variety of topics. 

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